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2009-07-11 00:02:40

Account Registration Disabled

The ability for new users to register accounts has been disabled. We have done this before, and for the same reason: Abuse. This time it is likely permanent.

Put simply we have had it trying to deal with all the would-be abusers. This service in one form or another has operated for about 10 years, in that time the Internet has progressed from a cooperative intelligent culture into all-out war zone. We have chosen to leave the battle field for a while, perhaps never to return.

We recognise that quite a few people depend upon this service and have peacefully enjoyed it for many years. It is for you that we have not simply pulled the plug altogether. Existing accounts will remain for as long as you keep using them (i.e. the normal account clean-up rules still apply). Commercial users are still welcome, your domains will continue to work.

2008-06-23 00:54:07

PHP Client Update

Aaron Mason has updated his PHP client to be compatible with the latest versions of PHP. You can download it here.

2007-11-30 15:01:45

Major Database Clean-Up Performed

As per our Account Abandonment policy all user accounts which have not authenticated with the update server or website in the past three months are now being deleted nightly.

Previously the clean-up was performed manually and quite infrequently, but the job is now run from cron every day. We are also enforcing the Domain Re/Undelegation policy.

If your account has vanished this is probably why. Please feel free to re-create your account and keep it alive by touching it at least every month or so.

2007-11-27 00:34:27

Domain Outage

The .NU registrar has temporarily revoked the cable.nu domain due to phishing abuse. The abusers accounts have been removed and .NU is expected to re-instate the domain shortly.

It is a great shame that a tiny minority has to ruin the service for everyone else. Our policy is simple, you abuse our service and your account gets deleted. In addition we will offer all possible assistance to the authorities in bringing you to justice.

If you are a here to abuse our service leave now, you are not welcome and will be dealt with severely.

2007-05-06 00:59:50

Site Update

Some major code changes to the ddns.nu website have been completed. The look and feel has not changed, but many minor bugs have been fixed and the registration system hardened against abuse.

2006-11-20 01:45:40

Service Outage

Our master DNS server begun boot-looping on Sunday morning. A faulty mainboard is suspected. A replacement has been ordered and should arrive today, restoring full service.

System redundancy will maintain address resolution, but new information may not make it into the DNS in a timely manner until the master is repaired.

2006-04-24 23:35:08

Service Outage

There appears to be a routing problem in our upstream service provider's network that is preventing international networks from reaching our master DNS servers. Domestic networks appear completely unaffected, but the magnitude of the problem is not well understood at this time.

We have been quoted a restoration date of the 28th of April! Naturally we are rather unhappy with this (to say the least), and are actively seeking alternative connectivity to route around the problem. Please bear with us while we work on it.

2006-04-12 14:57:47

Service Outage

A routing problem caused an outage for some ddns.nu clients today. Customers within some Australian networks were affected. International customers were not affected. The issue has been corrected and all clients should now be experencing normal service.

2005-04-17 22:42:30

Extended Master DNS Server Outage

Workmen painting around the ddns.nu rack took out the power to our Master DNS server. Unfortunately they also disconnected our office telephone lines and several other systems which prevented our automated alert systems from notifying staff about the fault.

We really screwed up! Every protocol we'd put in place to keep the system up failed similtaneously and the redundant nature of DNS hid the fault for some time. Even customers calling in to report problems were greeted with ringing-out telephones.

Very frustrating for all involved, we've sorry. All we can do is apologise deeply for the outage and improve the redundancy in our safety protocols to prevent such an event ever happening again.

2004-07-28 23:14:17

Denial of Service Attack

The ddns.nu system is experencing a severe distributed denial of service attack against multiple domains. This is causing massive operational problems for all users. Please bear with us while we do our best to deal with the problem.

For now we have disabled new account registration and creation of records using public domains. You can continue to use your private domains and currently configured public records, you just won't be able to create new ones for a while.

2004-05-16 23:06:35

New Win32 Remote Update Client

David Butler of Eternal Lines has written to tell us about a new remote update client that works with ddns.nu.

We have not reviewed it yet, but the screenshots look quite promising. Please give it a try. We'd love to hear any feedback about it, as I am sure would the authors.

You can download a copy here.

2004-01-10 18:09:41

Domain Clean-up

We've been doing some house keeping work here at ddns.nu, all undelegated, unpaid, or otherwise invalid domains have been deleted from the system.

If your domain has vanished this is likely why. Great care was taken, but if you believe your domain has been removed in error please contact us.

We will be doing a similar clean-up for unused accounts very shortly. All accounts with no IP-Handles, no DDNS-Records, or obviously invalid contact information will be deleted. Accounts who's IP-Handles have not been updated in more than a year will be emailed, if the email bounces the account will be deleted.

We ask that you always keep your contact details up to date, it is very important that we can contact you if there are any problems with your account.

2003-09-03 02:20:57

MX bugfix

A small, and completely stupid bug was found in the remote update code that sets MX records on IP-Handle update. Thanks to Bart Eeltink for pointing it out. How this fairly obvious problem wasn't observed until now is quite amazing to us!

The issue should now be fixed. As always, please report any problems with MX records that you might experence. However, this fix is not expected to cause any problems.

2003-08-02 16:17:04

Make a Donation!

We now accept donations via PayPal.

In the past many non-commercial service ddns.nu users have contacted us and made donations to assist the service they love. David Peterson made the suggestion that we should make it easier for passing-by users to make small donations.

We think David's idea is great, so we have added the PayPal donation link to our site. We'd really appreciate any donation you'd like to make. It will go directly into the up-keep fund for the ddns.nu service.

2003-06-17 13:40:51

Server Replacement

The update server machine has been replaced to cure the on-going hardware issues we've been having with it. The replacement caused some issues yesterday afternoon and this morning, as reported by some users who experienced strange error messages when updating IP-Handles.

All should now be well with the update server.

2003-05-05 23:50:07

Service Outage

There will be an extended power outage at our data centre on the 6th of May. It is expected to last less than 8 hours while power poles in the street are replaced.

The ddns.nu website will be unavailable during this period and DNS requests may time out towards the end of the outage.

2003-03-20 16:46:30

Reference Client Updated

Version 1.8 of the reference client is now available. The changes are minor, return values have been improved to allow script writers to better deal with error conditions.

In a nut-shell; the client returns negative values on command line argument errors or server connection failures. On no-error zero is returned, or if any commands fail at the server a (positive) count of how many failed will be returned.

The manpage documents the return values in more detail, so grab a copy from here and rebuild yours to take advantage. This feature was requested by ddns.nu user Brett Nash. There are no other changes in this release so you can safely skip it if you have no need for useful return values.

2003-03-20 14:23:16

New PHP Client

Aaron Mason has contributed a new remote update client written in PHP for use with a local webserver. For now it is available here, download it and give it a try.

2002-07-11 21:25:50

Reference Client Updated

A patch contributed by Daniel Potts for compilation on 64-bit arch (Alpha) has been added to the reference client. The Makefile has also changed quite a lot, the source now builds on both Solaris and Linux out of the box with no Makefile changes. (SunOS 5.8 and Linux 2.4.x glibc6 tested)

We'd like to get some feedback on any other changes required to the Makefile to make it compile without tweaking on any other OS you may be using. While autoconf would be a better solution, the client is so small it doesn't seem worth it. All changes so far have been just linker flags.

We've put back the manpage due to popular demand. The original manpage was contributed by Scott Fagg, but became outdated when the reference client arguments were changed to match the popular jddns3 java client implementation. The new manpage is a home-grown effort and the new install target places it in /usr/local/man/man1 by default.

2002-06-20 10:16:10

Idle Timeout Added to Update Server

We've been having some problems with idle connections holding resources open on the update server. To help reduce the load we've implemented an idle timeout of 20 seconds. We probably should have implemented this a long time ago, but until now it wasn't a big problem so we left well enough alone.

This shouldn't effect anyone, but scripts and ad-hoc clients that were causing the resource wastage problems in the past may start returning errors in cronjobs or whatever.

I've also had one report that the reference client /may/ hang holding connections to the update server open. I've been unable to replicate this problem, but I'd like to hear from anyone else that might be experencing this. Before you report it though, please download the latest source and rebuild the client and see if it goes away. If it still happens, please report your system's libc version, and if possible, an strace showing the point of the blocking.

2002-06-09 08:07:05

Website Moved to New Servers

The ddns.nu website and database back-end has been moved to new servers. There should be no need for any users to make changes, unless they've hard-coded the IP for the old server in a script to do updates via HTTP.

The update and name servers have not moved. Moving the name servers would be a major undertaking, lots of redelegation. However should we wish to move the update server in the future, it would be quite painless, as all the clients I've seen use the ns.ddns.nu hostname rather than the IP. As always, use hostnames unless forced otherwise.

2002-05-20 11:17:43

New Win32 Client

NoŽl Danjou has dropped me an email, informing me of his very nice Win32 client with newly added ddns.nu support.

Grab a copy from here: http://noeld.com/dldynsite.htm

2002-02-15 00:11:51

New Contributed Update Script

Damien Mascord was enspired by Andrew Cowan's script and has contributed an easier to configure version.

Grab the script from here

2002-02-07 22:13:40

FreeBSD Update Perl Script

Andrew Cowan has been kind enough to contribute his perl script as an example of how to detect IP changes on FreeBSD before attempting an update.

It is only an example, you'll need to fill in your username and password, as well as handle name(s), and perhaps hack the script to your taste. Grab it from here.

2001-11-28 20:09:28

No News is Good News

Noticed a lack of news here at ddns.nu lately?

Yep, we have too. The service has been so rock soild for months that there has been nothing to report!

We've got some great new updates coming for the service really soon. Some totally new services, and better interfaces to the services you already love.

Don't panic!! This doesn't mean bannner ads, and non-free basic accounts like most other Dynamic DNS providers are stuffing their sites full of to stay liquid. It just means more of the no-fuss innovative services you've come to expect from us, in newer and more intutive packages. Stay tuned, you'll love it.

2001-09-23 06:30:06

Excessive Handle Updates

We've noticed a rise in the number of users hitting the server with excessive and needless IP-Handle updates. From the logs, it looks like a few users have just created a cronjob to update their handles periodically.

While there is nothing 'wrong' with that, it becomes a problem when the update interval is one minute!

/// Please stop spamming the update server. ///

It just consumes both of our precious bandwith resources, costing us money, and probably costing you money too. Please rewrite your update software to check for IP changes before going off and updating your IP-Handles.

If you are using dialup or ADSL consider using /etc/ppp/ip-up or whatever hooks your software supports to change IP-Handles instead of periodic blind updates.

If you are using Cable consider hooking your login or DHCP client to do the job. BPALogin and dhclient both support script triggers. You can try the unsupported bpalogin patch to put the ddns.nu client inside bpalogin if you like.

If you must do it periodically, use an hour or so as the interval. 24 updates a day we can accept as the exception rather than the rule, but 1440 is a joke.

If the practice doesn't stop we'll have to start being facists, and nobody wants that. Please stop it now.

2001-09-14 19:13:11

Primary DNS Server Has Failed

The ddns.nu's primary DNS server has suffered a disk crash. The unit is being replaced immediately, no updates will work until this unit is replaced.

Thanks to the redundant/distributed nature of DNS, the system is not down. All your records are still resolving, but there is no new information making it into the DNS while the primary is out.

We expect the have the system back to normal in a few hours.

2001-09-11 06:03:17

Unscheduled Service Outage

Yesterday, the ddns.nu database deadlocked bringing the website and the update server to a grinding halt. At the time, no reason could be found, so the server was simply killed and restarted.

Shortly after, it locked again, this time with a more obvious signature, requests to a particular table where blocking, eventually leading to a deadlock.

The table turned out to be corrupt and was rebuilt. All seems well after this action. We'll be keeping a close eye on the database for a few days, just to make sure it doesn't happen again. Curiously, the problem avoided tripping our monitoring tools, making the outage a lot longer than it really needed to be.

We are sorry for the interruption to the service, and would like to thank the (many) of you who reported the problem.

2001-07-24 18:26:34

IANA Port Number for Dynamic DNS Version 3

We have been assigned an official port number (2164 TCP and UDP) for use by the ddns-v3 protocol by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA)

The server will shortly be listening there as well as the old legacy port of 5000, so there is no need to change your settings or grab new clients straight away. All developers should start using the official port number in their software.

Those of you with unices might like to add the following to /etc/services:

ddns-v3         2164/tcp   Dynamic DNS Version 3
ddns-v3         2164/udp   Dynamic DNS Version 3
#                          Alan Yates <alany@ay.com.au>

2001-07-03 13:05:37

New Auto-Update Client for Win32

Mark Cocquio has written a VB auto-update client for the service. It can detect IP changes and automagically update your IP-Handle as required, like James' client.

He warns me that some bugs might still be lurking in there (like all software really), so please try it out and help him debug it.

The package is available here: http://www.fromorbit.com/strepto/ipchangedetect.htm

2001-04-26 05:13:48

IP Guess Made Smarter

Support for guessing the IP from either the server or client end of the update connection has been implemented.

This is very useful if you happen to be behind a NAT box, implemented on a platform that the ddns3 client is not available for.

Both Java and C reference clients support this new functionality. The C reference client command line arguments have been changed to match the java client due to popular demand.

There are now three ways to derive your IP for updating:

specified: ddns3 --user username --pass password set handle ip
server guess: ddns3 --user username --pass password guess handle remote
client guess: ddns3 --user username --pass password guess handle local

Grab a new client if you'd like to try out this functionality. (The Win32 port of the new client will be available shortly)

2001-04-06 02:33:48

NetCruiser DynDNS 0.3 Support for ddns.nu

The people at NetCruiser Software have released a dynamic DNS package that supports ddns.nu (ddns protocol 3).

Looks pretty sweet, it integrates with their other SOHO solutions packages very well. Download it from here

2001-03-06 02:46:49

Documentation Is Here!

I've written up the beginnings of a FAQ here, go have a read and see if you can think of some other stuff to add. Email me any ideas please.

2001-03-03 04:49:57

Java Client Implementation

I spent a few hours tonight cooking up a Java implementation of the remote update client. Grab a copy here

It turned out pretty good, being more /complete/ than the C reference client, and having nicer argument parsing. It is largely untested, but may become the client of choice for non-unix systems.

2001-02-09 01:14:35

Bugfix in the Win32 client

A minor, and rather stupid bug has been corrected in the win32 client. It effects argument parsing and can make the client appear possessed, rejecting perfectly valid arguments.

Grab yourself a new copy: ddns3.exe

Urgency is low, it isn't a security issue, just a boneheaded mistake that effects very few, probably why it took so long to notice. (hint: the 2nd char in the password had to be an 's')

2001-01-26 03:48:37

The 'instant-update' Feature Implemented.

Today/yesterday has been a big day for ddns. Not only has the reference client been ported to Win32, but the server now updates all the ddns-records that are linked to an ip-handle, as soon as the handle is updated through the client!

Caching elsewhere in the 'net will still cause update delays, but this is as close as it comes to 'instant' for DNS. The website maintain form changes still take 5 minutes to take effect, this will be changed in the near future.

2001-01-25 16:15:04

Reference client ported to Win32

Kieron Briggs has kindly assisted in porting the ddns3-client.tar.gz package to Win32. The package should now compile on Win32 and any unice with little effort.

A precompiled binary is available here: ddns3.exe This is not the same as the 3rd party client developed by Scott Campbell, this copy is a straight port of the reference client.

2001-01-06 07:36:24

BPA Helpdesk Recommending DDNS

Yep, I can't believe it myself, but I have been contacted by about 10 people in the last week that the BPA helpdesk has told to go here for a solution to dynamic IP issues.

Apparently BPA has no immediate answer for people needing static IPs on their Cable and ADSL networks so they are suggesting users make arrangements with us.

ddns.nu as recommended by Telstra Bigpond Advance :)

2000-12-31 05:52:46

bpalogin2-ddns3 patch released

A non-supported patch against Shane Hyde's bpalogin 2.0 (bpalogin-2.0-src.tar.gz) has been released.

This patch allows bpalogin to automatically update a ddns IP-Handle each time it logs into Bigpond Advance Cable's dce-server.

2000-11-05 02:50:09

IN NS record option removal

Due to abuse of the IN NS record option, (mainly I believe by people not really knowing what it is) I have removed the ability to make it by default.

You must now email me to ask for the option to be enabled on your account.

2000-08-27 22:14:47

DDNS Remote Update Client Release

Yes, finally it is out. Pick it up here: ddns3-client.tar.gz. This package builds a library libddns3.a which can be linked into other programs, read the ctx.h header for the API. Any developers who need help getting it going are welcome to email me alany@ay.com.au

If you are looking for a Win32 port, try out the 3rd party tool written by Scott Campbell It is much older, and probably more mature than this first release of my reference client and library.

2000-06-02 00:39:51

A few small tweaks

  • Expiry time selectable per record
  • MX priority no longer selectable
  • Update rate increased
On the To-Do list:
  • Remote update client reference implementation
  • FAQ, particuarly the commercial service what and hows
  • More commercial domain features exposed to user maintance, (at least the public/private flag - protection semantics?)
  • Rollover the DDNS v2 commercial clients
  • More public domains!
Blue sky:
  • A polling system for site
  • SSL key for site

2000-05-27 10:11:09

Remote update protocol released.

Details are here, a server is up and running on ns.ddns.nu port 5000 TCP. Try it out!

I will write a reference client and post it shortly.

2000-05-25 20:53:57

As many of you have already noticed, I have added 2 more domains:

  • bpa.nu
  • optus.nu

2000-05-21 20:22:24

Welcome to DDNS version 3!
Here it is at long last, update clients are a few days off, but the basic functionality is here. Please register to create an account and setup some hostnames. I have placed cable.nu in here as a test domain for the debug period. I will add others and move the commercial people over to this system once I am happy all the bugs are gone.

PS: this site requires cookies

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