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2009-07-11 00:02:40

Account Registration Disabled

The ability for new users to register accounts has been disabled. We have done this before, and for the same reason: Abuse. This time it is likely permanent.

Put simply we have had it trying to deal with all the would-be abusers. This service in one form or another has operated for about 10 years, in that time the Internet has progressed from a cooperative intelligent culture into all-out war zone. We have chosen to leave the battle field for a while, perhaps never to return.

We recognise that quite a few people depend upon this service and have peacefully enjoyed it for many years. It is for you that we have not simply pulled the plug altogether. Existing accounts will remain for as long as you keep using them (i.e. the normal account clean-up rules still apply). Commercial users are still welcome, your domains will continue to work.

2008-06-23 00:54:07

PHP Client Update

Aaron Mason has updated his PHP client to be compatible with the latest versions of PHP. You can download it here.

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name description file size
reference client The reference client source for the ddns3 protocol ddns3-client-1.8.tar.gz 18 k
java client An unsupported java implementation of the ddns3 protocol jddns3.tar.gz 20 k
windows console client binary The reference client pre-compiled for Win32. ddns3.exe 52 k
ddns-v3 protocol spec The specification for the ddns protocol, version 3 ddns-v3.txt 2 k
bpalogin 2.0 patch An unsupported patch that puts ddns v3 into bpalogin 2.0 bpalogin-2.0-with-ddns-v3.patch.gz 16 k


platform description URL
Win32 Cliff's DDNS Updater http://www.ddns.nu/files/contrib/DDNS-Updater.zip
Portable Aaron Mason's PHP client http://www.ddns.nu/files/contrib/ddns-update-php.zip
Win32 Noėl Danjou's DynSite for Windows http://noeld.com/dynsite.asp
Win32 Mark Cocquio's IPChangeDetect http://www.truffulatree.com.au/ipchangedetect.php
Win32 Eternal Lines' Eldyn http://www.eternallines.com/eldyn/
Win32 NetCruiser Software DynDNS http://www.eternallines.com/ncdyndns/
Win32 William Levra-Juillet's DirectUpdate http://www.directupdate.net/
Win32 Scott Campbell's IP Change Checker http://www.spiffysoftware.com/
Linux Andrew Punch/Miguel Angel's RPMs Binary: http://www.ddns.nu/files/contrib/ddns-3.0-1.i386.rpm
Source: http://www.ddns.nu/files/contrib/ddns-3.0-2.src.rpm
Unices/Portable Damien Mascord's Update Script Perl Script: http://www.ddns.nu/files/contrib/bpa-check.pl

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